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Dean Smith Leadership Principle 1 July 12, 2006

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The Reciprocal Law of Loyalty

“If you ever need me, call!”

Thought for the Day: If you are loyal to people, they will be loyal to you.

Game Plan

  • Put people first
  • Accept others unconditionally
  • Care for them over a lifetime
  • Be honest with everyone
  • Have empathy for all
  • Care for people who produce the profit

Team Practice

  • What does loyalty mean to you?
  • How do you demonstrate loyalty in your personal life?
  • How do you demonstrate loyalty @ work?
  • What can your organisation do to foster loyalty among customers, shareholders, and employees?

Coach Smith said, ‘I loved to win, and hated to lose. Yet for years I struggled with something internally. We would play poorly and win, and I’d feel great. We’d play well and lose, and I’d feel terrible. That didn’t make sense to me’.’If two of your children were playing tennis against each other, would you really care who won? Is winning all that important in the scheme of things? No. That’s why I’ve placed compassion above competition. I want to win, but caring for people is much more important to me’.

Putting people first
Everything meaningful in life flows out of relationships. Coach Smith would not let even the dean or chancellor interrupt him when he was in a meeting with one of his players. He made them feel very important. That’s the reciprocal law of loyalty- If you are loyal to people, they will be loyal to you.



Kids can Free the Children- Leadership Quiz June 6, 2006

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Many times, simplicity is the key. Instead of reading books upon books, attending skills development workshops, talking to mentors and what not, a simple self-evaluation can go a long way in helping you realise what you need to improve on. Once you've identified it, the 'how' just follows.

Kids can Free the Children is an organisation that I believe every kid should be a part of. Started by Marc and Craig Kielburger at the age of 12 back in 1995 with their school friends, and today it has grown to an organisation that has done incredible things.

In Toronto, the 'Adopt a Village' advertisement all over the TTC subway stations and on TV is quite impressive, and this is one of their programs. 

Today, Marc is a Harvard grad and Rhodes Scholar with a law degree from Oxford University and Craig is a Peace and Conflict Studies student at the University of Toronto.

FTC proves that kids can achieve wonderful feats if they are driven by their energy, passion, dedication and complete integrity. And these are the principles that all the volunteers, staff and founders of this organisation are committed to, to this day. Their leadership skills, combined with others have led them to help many children around the world live better lives. What could be a better thing to do?

Take this simple leadership quiz online.

> FTC Leadership Quiz